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1-      Writings on the polemical, sectarian and secessionist subjects will not be accommodated in the Research Journal “Epistemology”. In the same way articles written in biased style will also not be included herein. 

2-      Preference will be given to the articles in which research will be conducted on ancient and up to date topics related to Islamic sciences, drawing a well-grounded and truthful conclusion. Moreover, Quranic sciences, sciences related to the traditions of the Holy Prophet (SAW), Islamic jurisprudence, Islamic history, study of religions, and other sciences related to these subjects will be considered suitable for publication.

3-      No article will get room in the journal that is against admitted creeds of Muslim Ummah, or against continuous Islamic tradition or against the collective and causal stand of the Muslims.

4-      The writer will be responsible for accuracy and originality of material, text, conclusion, recommendations, argumentation and certification of references. To agree with the writer’s point of view is not compulsory for the management.

5-      The article should be limited to 15—20 pages; articles written in Urdu must be composed in ‘in page’, while English articles composed in ‘M S Word’ will be accepted.

6-      The articles written in Urdu or English will be acceptable. However, the abstract consisting of 150-200 words will be provided in English.

7-      An expert’s approval of an expert nominated by the institute is compulsory for the publication of article in the journal.  

8-       For sending articles for publication in Research Journal “Epistemology” and correspondence our email address is:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.